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Thank you for viewing our Online Portfolio. You may also be interested in some of our other finished projects:

St. Gregory Byzantine Catholic Church of Upper St. Clair, PA
St. John Chrysostom Byzantine Catholic of Pittsburgh, PA
Valskov Chalice
Sacred Heart of Mary Roman Catholic Church of Weirton, WV

Complete Renovation
Saint Simon and Jude
Roman Catholic Church

Blairsville, PA

New Guild Studio designed and produced all of the following work shown in this portfolio:

*Eucharistic Chapel
The existing Eucharistic Chapel was redesigned with a striking color scheme. A cruciform design has been painted on the ceiling in rich blues with gold leafed stars.

The triptych depicts the Blessed Mother and Christ as the "Seat of Wisdom" in the center panel. Adoring angels with censers are on the two side wings. The Romanesque triptych is an original oil painting on wood with gold leaf.

The tabernacle throne, kneeler, and vigil candle are original designs done in cherry wood with enameled copper accents.

Glass Window Screen
A screen was designed for the existing windows. A framework grid was made of cherry wood with inset panels of original cast glass liturgical symbols.

*Church Interior
The altar is custom designed and constructed of cherry wood with marble mensa and enameled copper accents. An existing corpus and cross have been incorporated into the custom designed cross that is suspended above the altar.

Historical Paintings
The Church is fortunate to own a series of historical religious paintings. These paintings were in poor condition. New Guild was able to restore them by relining them with new canvas, cleaning and removing the old varnish, retouching the paint, and restretching them onto new frames.

A baptistery was designed near the entrance to the Church. The custom designed font features moving water. The floor of the pool depicts a tile mosaic of fish, an ancient symbol of Christianity.
The ambry was designed by utilizing an existing historical font.

Church Entry
The Church entry doors are treated in a similar way as the window screen at the Eucharistic Chapel with a cherry wood grid work and cast glass panels.


New Guild Studio Online Portfolio
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New Guild Studio has been in the liturgical arts field since 1991. Over the years, the company of four - David and Suzann Miriello and David and Mary Korns - have completed numerous sacred art projects that range in scope and scale from the design and production of a single chalice to the renovation of an entire church.

From the beginning, sacred art has brought form and fulfillment to mans quest
for the divine. Rendered by the right hands, familiar motifs and figures have
the power to move people beyond the practical concerns of the world,
awakening in them the possibilities of the eternal.

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